2021 Annual Christmas Distribution

Dear friend,


Every Christmas, the folks here at the Giving Guides, with the support of its partners and generous individuals and families, celebrate the holidays by joining efforts to help our community through the holidays with an annual Christmas distribution.


Those efforts started strong this year with high hopes and determination to provide everything we could, even going beyond what we normally have done in the past.


Recently, our leadership, while pushing hard to create smiles all around and fulfilling the needs of so many, has succumbed to medical issues that will prevent The Giving Guides from continuing their annual Christmas distribution for 2021.


It is with dismay and a very heavy heart that we will not be able to provide the level of hope we had intended for this Christmas thus we will not be able to provide the necessities requested by each of you.


There is still some hope available to you! We encourage you to contact one of the following organizations as they may be able to provide for 2021:


  • The Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program - (402) 379-4663
  • Good Neighbors of Norfolk* - (402) 644-8155


While we hope to see you next year, if God's willing, we are grateful to have been able to provide for years past, and we are still very thankful that these organizations may still be able to provide during this holiday season.


Thank you so much for your understanding during this time, and thank you to all of our patrons who continue to assist when and where they can to ensure a future of giving hope back to our community.


God Bless!


* Good Neighbors of Norfolk will be taking applications November 29, 2021.